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Friday, November 02, 2007
Rain and the Sidewalk
playing with

Go Ghetto Tiger

Royal Unicorn Cabaret
147 East Pender St. (just west of Main), Vancouver

... And it's Go Ghetto Tiger's tour send-off show, so it should be an awesome night!

A Rain and the Sidewalk solo set
Silence Industry

Nu Sensae
(2pc voodoo punk)
Thursday, October 18, 2007
Pat's Pub
403 East Hastings, Vancouver

Grrrabbit Productions present
poster by ryan
Betty Kracker


The Cryptos
The Rain and the Sidewalk

September 16, 2007

The (reliable) Railway Club
579 Dunsmuir, Vancouver

Bread Savage
What's Wrong Tohei?
(Joel's new band!)
Wednesday, August 15, 2007
210 Abbott (Gastown), Vancouver

$6 at the door

Thursday, June 21, 2007
362 Powell, Vancouver

Au Secour
Speaking of Devils
The Rain and the Sidewalk

$5 at the door
TRATS starts the show at 9:15


In case you haven't noticed, this site has moved to my new domain
(Maybe update your bookmarks in case the
auto-redirect thingy stops working)

In other news, The Rain and the Sidewalk will be opening for
Betty Kracker (Shannon and Trevor's other band) as well as The Cryptos on Sunday, September 16 at The Railway Club (579 Dunsmuir, Vancouver)

Not only will this be TRATS's last show with the full line-up this year, it will be the last Betty Kracker show until next
year as well...

So come out and see us while you can! (TRATS starts at 9, and the show ends before midnight, so you can still get a couple of hours of sleep)

Inanimate is now charting (or has charted) at:

Click here to request TRATS at your station


The Rain and the Sidewalk's first CD release

buy it online here
(16 trax)

Now available at:
Zulu Records
Red Cat Records
more shops to come

Retailers: click here for distribution

You can buy it from this site for only $10 (US$) plus shipping
Click here for more info


May 26, 2007

FACEFEST 2007!!!
579 Dunsmuir, Vancouver
with 30+ other bands!!!
$12 non-members / $10 members
It gets going at ~8PM

April 20, 2007

362 Powell, Vancouver
with Nanaimo's The Sheds
and The Paperboxes,
plus Go Ghetto Tiger
It gets going with Go Ghetto Tiger at ~8:50


Thanks to Car 67's Crystal Starr and her podcast
Vancouver Weekly Underground Review

live @ facefest, 05/26/2007

Mar 28, 2007
opening with
La Drama
for the
Car 67 CD Release
at the
Railway Club
579 Dunsmuir (@ Seymour), Vancouver
A Grrrabbit Production

The Rain and the Sidewalk has contributed a track (not really a
song so much as an experiment) to issue 2 of Spoox (available at Redcat and Blim in Vancouver, or you can check

Spoox is a non-profit audio magazine serving as an outlet for
audio that's too strange to be published otherwise. More info at

The Inanimate CD is now available at:
Remix and Boomtown in Vancouver
is now charting in two provinces!

Fri. Feb. 02, 2007
362 Powell, Vancouver
playing with
Joel Tong

(yes, that Joel Tong)


poster by grrrabbit -
Saturday, Dec 23
Pat's Pub
403 E Hastings
A Fireball Production

with guests
The Will Austin Escape
(from Montreal) and
The National Shield

(unfortunately Church of the Very Bright Lights has had to cancel due to a broken ankle, so The National Shield will be taking his place.)

Hey, our long awaited debut CD Inanimate is finally available! You can currently either buy one from us at our next show, or via the site through mclean online distribution...

Well we played our CD release show on October 6th at the Lamplighter, and it turned out fairly well (even with getting the CDs one hour before soundcheck...Yikes!) Trevor tried to smash a cheap guitar at the end of Harmless, only to have the guitar make him look like a wimp... Interior Design, Arctic, and AU4 were all great, and all the bands seemed to fit together well... Thanks to IMU productions for putting the show together. Did I mention that Inanimate is now available for sale?

set list: Tonight We Are Standing On The Edge Of The World, Waiting For A Bus, Twisted Sunshine, Hallucination, Lifeless, Wake Me When It's Over, Malibu, Outside Of Red, Moving Backwards, I Came Across No One On My Journey, Harmless, Digital

(Speaking of our debut CD, Inanimate briefly snuck into CiTR's top 20 for the week ending Tuesday, August 29, 2006 before sinking without a trace...)

A few weeks before that we played a short set at a pirate-themed block party just outside Faceplant (our first outdoor performance ever!) (Shannon and Trevor had to make do without Wayde for this one, since he's been way too busy with work and he was saving his energy for the CD release show)

set list: Harmless, Hallucination, Lifeless, Wake Me When It's Over, It's Time To Go

Well, here's what we've been up to since I last was bothered to do an update....

May 27, played at Facefest. (30 bands this year, and they still somehow managed to keep everything pretty much on schedule!) Did a New Years Resolution cover, which Evan Symons said he liked. Judging by the recording of our set, I really don't think very many people were paying much attention though.

set list: Fate, Church Window (I threw a bottle), I Came Across No One On My Journey, JAC

June 4 played Music Waste at the Pic. I felt bad about kicking Trike off the stage, but I also feel bad that even after cutting our set down to 4 songs, Spellcaster and Language-Arts wound up doing even fewer songs. Something about the Pic closing earlier than the organisers had agreed to. I'm now convinced that we bring Music Waste bad luck. (On another note, I was baffled by how many people I had to explain to that I didn't write Waiting For A Bus, it was written by this guy.)

set list: Hallucination, Church Window, Regret, Waiting For A Bus

July 15th, did our first ever out of town show at the Cambie in Nanaimo, thanks to Evan and Transylvanian Polka. Wayde unfortunately couldn't make it, but even that wouldn't stop us! Managed to put together some advance copies of the long awaited Inanimate debut CD for sale! Nanaimo's Aeroplane brought people out to the show (and having a couple of friends from Vancouver come out to see us sure didn't hurt either.) We did a Transylvanian Polka cover too.

set list: Harmless, Patron Saint of Drug Addiction, Church Window, Hallucination, I Came Across No One On My Journey, Moving Backwards, Tonight We Are Standing on the Edge of the World, The Entire Fucking Universe, Comedy Sketch

Then on August 10th we appeared on Thunderbird Radio Hell (CiTR) for the third time! Many thanks to both Ben and Kelly!

set list: The Closer I Get To People, Monster, Waiting For A Bus, Fate, Hallucination, Church Window, It's Time To Go, Outside of Red, Moving Backwards, JAC, Break

Then on August 22 we played at the Railway, at Transylvanian Polka's tour kick-off with Tuck, Kym Brown and Evan Symons... Once again we had some advance copies of Inanimate for sale, and actually sold one! (To the same guy who was actually dancing to us!) I really enjoyed this show (too bad it was a Tuesday...)

set list: Inane Pining, Patron Saint Of Drug Addiction, Church Window, Hallucination, I Came Across No One On My Journey, It's Time To Go, Wake Me When It's Over, Harmless


July 15th
Transylvanian Polka
The Great Conspiracy,
The Rain and the Sidewalk
The Cambie
(63 Victoria Cres. - Nanaimo, BC)

Music Waste Oh Six

Sunday, June 4
The Pic

622 West Pender St.
Language Arts

Facefest 2006

Saturday May 27 @ The Railway Club
(579 Dunsmuir St. Vancouver BC)
apparently with about 30 other bands or something insane like that... more details at the Faceplant site


That Mid-Winter Night's Reverie show was great! Many thanks to Evan for putting the show
together and inviting us to be a part of it (and somehow keeping everything on schedule!). Thanks to Mofo for video taping our
performance. (If I can convince Shannon and Wayde to allow it, we'll be sure to put some clips up)...

Set list: Toe Licker, Malibu, Outside Of Red, Lifeless, Regret,
That Water Fountain Spoke To Me, Break, JAC

In other news, Twisted Sunshine (broken mix) was featured on the Jan 22 Podcast of Vancouver Weekly Underground Review.
Thanks to thanks to Crystal and Dave...

And thanks to Chris-A-Riffic for the reference in an article in the February issue of Discorder to the time TRATS performed at Shindig...

(I think he's too hard on himself, my performance was awful that night :-)


Step and a Half Multimedia
A Mid-Winter Night's Reverie

Saturday, January 21,2006
at the
Railway Club

579 Dunsmuir St (off Seymour)

with Mongoose, Transylvanian Polka, The Hunter Cometh, The R.A.D.I.O.,
Salmon Arm, Evol Hearted, The Rain and the Sidewalk, James Dean IV, Richard Fordham

Here's the schedule:
Richard Fordham: 8:45 - 9:00
James Dean IV: 9:05 - 9:20
The Rain and the Sidewalk: 9:35 - 10:05
Evol Hearted: 10:15 - 10:45
Salmon Arm: 10:55 - 11:25
The Radio: 11:40 - 12:10
The Hunter Cometh: 12:25 - 12:55
Transylvanian Polka: 1:05 - 1:35
Mongoose: 1:45 - 2:15


News (November... uh... ok, December 2005):
Well that show we did Nov 11 at the Candy Bar with Paint and Trophy Wife was a lot of fun. We played a sloppy but enthusiastic set for a small but enthusiastic crowd... (I'd like to thank all 12 people who stuck around to see us for cheering us on for one more...) Wayde couldn't make it because he was out of town, but that just gave Shannon, Jason and Trevor even more excuse to reinterpret some of the songs. All of us should be present for the show at the Railway on Jan 21...

Set list: Harmless, Inane Pining, Waiting For A Bus, Wake Me When It's Over, Lifeless,
Moving Backwards, I Came Across No One On My Journey, The Entire Fucking Universe,
You Look Like You've Been Through

New Song added!
on the Music page.

Podcast Interview!
Some of you missed the They Shoot Horses Don't They at Malone's on Oct. 7th,
but the band did an interview, and some was recorded for podcast
by the Vancouver Weekly Underground Review!
(click on the October 09 podcast when the page opens)


Thanks to everyone who came out to that show on Oct 7th.
I was a bit worried because there were several competing shows that night, and I wasn't too sure what the crowd at Malone's would be like. (I was having visions of that scene from the Blues Brothers movie, but without the chicken mesh in front of the stage).
But it turned out fairly well actually...

Jason de Couto made his TRATS debut on keyboards on four songs. (He's also a part of the Contact Zone Crew with Wayde)
I think we did a record number of cover songs (I even did a solo version of a song that Wayde wrote a decade ago...) They Shoot Horses Don't They liked our version of Hit My Head.

Also did a version of Waiting For A Bus by the Aborted.
Thanks to James for his kind words on his blog. (Even if he got a few minor details wrong...)
As an added bonus, Crystal Starr interviewed us for her podcast, Check it out. Thanks to Crystal and Dave Musil.

Set List: When I Look Into Your Eyes, The Bus Song, It's Time To Go, Malibu, Outside Of Red,
Moving Backwards, Misguided Dream, Twisted Sunshine, Waiting For A Bus, Digital,
Hit My Head, Playground For Your Thoughts, The Closer I Get To People.


I got home from work on July 14 and checked my email... Surprise!
LL from New Years Resolution wanted to know if we could open for them the next night because the scheduled opening act cancelled at the last minute... I was planning on going to that show anyway, so it made sense to do it. Besides, sometimes those last minute shows seem more fun than the ones you plan for for months... (maybe because you haven't had time to over-prepare and get stressed out about it?)

So we get to Pat's Pub and... Surprise!
The sound guy can only find one working mic...

I'm starting to think that:
(a) I enjoy playing at Pat's because it's good for building character,
(b) where The Rain and the Sidewalk goes to perform, chaos follows :-)

I believe it was The People Verses who came to the rescue by heading out and returning with their microphones
(so Shannon and Wayde and I didn't have to shout into the same mic during Outside of Red...
which actually might have been inadvertently entertaining...)
This meant we started a bit later that I would have liked (no surprise there), but we managed to play a short set.
I quite enjoyed The People Verses's set. And you should know by now that New Years Resolution is one of the finest bands around these days. (Wayde will back me up on this)

Set List: Hit My Head, I Came Across No One On My Journey, Outside Of Red, Lifeless, That Water Fountain Spoke To Me.

And I finally updated the Music on the Sevcom site and the NewMusicCanada site


Seems there was some sort of miscommunication between the Music Waste people and Pub 340 about that show on May 22...
We got our stuff set up thinking we had to start at 9:00 sharp, only to be told by the sound guy that Pub 340 wasn't closing at midnight, but rather was open until 2am... and that the bar didn't want the show to start any earlier than 10:45.

Unfortunately, Bella (who were scheduled to go on after us) apparently had someone coming in from MuchMusic to video tape them at 10pm, so we let them go on first (which is why we wound up going on waaay later than advertised).

Did a They Shoot Horses, Don't They cover (which Chris-a-riffic seemed to like)... Also tried out a sort-of-new song called Outside of Red (formerly known as The Evil One before Wayde wrote some lyrics for it.
It took me a while to notice that the change of title seemed eerily appropriate, being as we were on the bill with Red Not Evil...!)

Set List: Repulsive Pining, Hit My Head, Outside of Red, Moving Backwards,
Brisk-Pace Shattering, Lifeless, Failures, Comedy Sketch

By contrast, on June 11, Facefest X seemed to go pretty much according to schedule (I think a few bands were changed around at the last minute, but with over 20 bands on the bill, that's got to be unavoidable)...

To my disappointment Salmon Arm couldn't make it this year, but that was a good excuse to do a Salmon Arm cover (which Ryan seemed to like)
I've heard that there was a video recorder set up in the smoking room, so there is apparently some footage of our set. Unfortunately, the DAT recorder that was recording the bands in the front room went missing, so if anyone comes across a DAT machine with a DAT recording of several bands doing 15 minute sets, contact Faceplant...

Set List: Toe Licker, Tonight We Are Standing On the Edge of the World,
Hallucination, Wake Me When It's Over


FaceFest 2005
Saturday, June 11

at the
Railway Club
(579 Dunsmuir, Vancouver BC)

with Motorama, Cutthroat, Betty Kracker, Bughouse Five, Seventh Image, Kenny Conundrum, Slowpoke & the Smoke, The Reverberators, Anita Hoare, Caustic Pleasures, BTU's, The Deadcats, The Cryptos, Uber Sissy, Emergency, The Panic, Das Pussyhound, Duvallstar, Hard Candy, Eldorado,... and a pile others

(Exact order of bands to be determined)
2 stages, each band gets a fifteen minute set.
$10 cover ($8 for Railway Club members), doors at 7pm.

New audio!

Added a lo-fi files (mono MP3) of out appearance on CiTR's Thunderbird Radio Hell:
Part 1 (~20Mb)
Part 2 (~23 Mb)
(right-click to save the MP3s)


Sunday, May 22
Live at Pub 340
(340 Cambie Street)
Bella and Red Not Evil
$5 cover... We're scheduled to be on at 9pm (because the show has to be over by midnight).


Well, so much for taking a break :-)
On April 15 we did that show at the Lamplighter with Alan Astor (from New York) and GangBang... Opened the set with a cover version of GangBang's Puppet Love... In return GangBang dedicated a couple of their songs to me (aw shucks...!) That was a fun evening (in spite of having to slightly rearrange the song order due a strange glitch with the sampler), I hope the Lamplighter lets us play there again sometime...(Thanks John)

set list: Puppet Love, You Look Like You've Been Through,
Tonight We Are Standing On The Edge Of The World, Misguided Dream,
That Water Fountain Spoke To Me, Hallucination, Moving Backwards, Abrasive Candy, JAC

Then we made our second appearance on Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell on CiTR on the 28th (Thanks to Ben and Irene)... That seemed to go pretty well considering we did it with only 2 days notice! (But how could we turn down an opportunity to (re)appear on Thunderbird Radio Hell? As it turned out we managed to perform 11 songs, including a cover of Toe Licker by Salmon Arm)... If you missed it, there's at least 5 recordings of it that I'm aware of, so I'm sure we'll be subjecting you to some MP3s or something soon.

set list: Toe Licker, Adjust The Dial On The Windowsill, Twisted Sunshine, Lifeless,
Wake Me When It's Over, I Came Across No One On My Journey, Abrasive Candy,
You Look Like You've Been Through, Digital, Inane Pining, Suicide Note (section)

Then on the 30th, we were called in at the last minute to do a show at the Waldorf with Motorama (thanks Marcus) because the other bands on the bill didn't make it past the border... So TRATS and the Rootabeggars filled in the bill. (Now that was a delightfully ecclectic evening!) Wayde couldn't make it on such short notice (can't really blame him) but Shannon and I managed to pull it off...

set list: Toe Licker, This Would Be Such A Beautiful Place to Die,
Come See The Dead Body I Found In The Woods, Wake Me When It's Over, Lifeless,
Hallucination, Break, JAC, I Came Across No One On My Journey


Yeah, so we did that Red Cross benefit show at the Video In... Wayde couldn't make it because he was giving a talk the night before and had a Contact Zone Crew performance the night after... For a while I felt like I was crashing Poets Against War's party, but our short set seemed to go over fairly well, even though it seemed just about everyone had already left by the time Shannon and I went on :-)

Set list: I Came Across No One On My Journey, Moving Backwards, The Evil One, JAC, Comedy Sketch

Then the next week we opened for Concrete Lions at Pat's Pub... No, not quite. We got there and found out that there were now 4 acts on the bill and we were now going on last (At a place that closes at midnight no less. We did manage to cram in most of our set list though). What the heck, I'm easy. Also found out that Ryan from Collapsing Opposites and They Shoot Horses Don't They now also plays with Concrete Lions (whose set I quite enjoyed by the way. Thought it was way better than the last time I saw them at the Lamplighter) ... Ryan was also the opening act, this time performing under the name Sarcastixucker. He opened his set with JAC which I thought was really funny, because that was the last song on our setlist... So the show began and ended with the same song. Pretty small turnout, which is fair enough since the show was a bit too last minute to really promote much...

Set list: Inane Pining, I Came Across No One On My Journey*, Lifeless, Wake Me When It's Over, Digital, JAC
(*First time we resorted to playing a song 3 shows in a row)

Then the following week was Trevor's early birthday party at the Waldorf... First time we ever really had technical difficulties (the power cut out twice during our set... something weird with the power bar we were plugged into I think) but the enthusiastic (if not particularly huge) crowd cheered us on and we had a blast. Broken Boy of jeTprojecTlabs & T.LeChe put on a great performance (I wasn't the only one there that bought one of his CDs), and New Years Resolution's performance simply asserted my belief that they are one of the finest bands in Vancouver. Seriously, Bullets of Love is the best thing I've heard since They Shoot Horses Don't They's ep. Thanks to Juli (Black Rice, Evol Hearted) for bringing her birthday party to the show as well, and thanks to everyone who bought me beers and gave me hugs.

Set List: Misguided Dream, Monster, Twisted Sunshine, The Evil One, Moving Backwards, Slow-Motion Shattering, Wake Me When It's Over, It's Time To Go, Adjust the Dial on the Windowsill (I've seen this one before)*, Break

(*I threw in a bit of a reference to NYR's Fate during the guitar solo... no one seemed to notice)


This just in:
The Rain and the Sidewalk will be performing a short set Friday February 25th at Video In Studios (1965 Main Street, Vancouver BC) as part of a benefit for the Red Cross. (I'm not quite sure yet what time we're going on at)

From the press release:
A collection of local artists have joined forces to host a silent photograph auction on February 25th at Video In Studios 1965 Main Street. All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross International Fund.

Various photographers have donated their work for auctioning, in attempt to aide the Red Cross in its continuous effort to provide assistance to people around the world.

Adding to the evening, the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival will be presenting two short films by local filmmakers; Spank by Christian Blaze and Unbound by Claudia Morgado. As well, Ameena Mayer and other members from the organization Poets Against War will share their poetry and invite guests to participate in an open mike session.

The evening, which is being sponsored by La Prensa Hispanoamericana, will be accompanied by live music, art and the desire to help those in need. Doors open at 6:30pm and the entrance is free.

Next show:
Friday March 11 at the Grove Pub in the Waldorf Hotel (1489 E. Hastings, Vancouver BC)
with New Years Resolution ("Guitar, Wurlitzer, Drums, vocals. Sometimes Casio."
One of my favorite local bands, so I'm excited to finally be opening for them)
and The Broken Boy of jeTprojecTlabs & T.LeChe (electro-folk genre-mashup from New Brunswick...!)
(And as an added bonus, the show is a few days before my birthday... so come on down and watch me get old :-)

speaking of the Waldorf...


I wasn't expecting a very good turnout at the Jan 8 show, given that the weather wasn't very inviting and several competing Tsunami benefit shows sprung up at the last minute... But two songs into our set I looked around and wondered, where did all these people come from? Not a huge turnout, but not bad for the circumstances... (mind you with Transylvanian Polka and The Sheds on the bill, I probably really shouldn't have worried)
And I think this was the first time we had people dancing to us! (Then I collapsed onto the dance floor and scared them all away... Typical...)
And thanks to Uncle Cliff for video taping our performance...

Set list:
You Look Like You've Been Through, The Closer I Get To People,
Harmless, Comedy Sketch, Lifeless, Hallucination,
I Came Across No One On My Journey, Failures, Digital.

(links are updated, BTW...)