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weakness redundant inanimate singles, etc.
Digital Downloads
Sea, Sun, Synth and Sand 07/19/2014 FREE DOWNLOAD
14 coldwave/synthpop songs from inventive artists in the UK and elsewhere.
(first international appearance of TRatS outside of canada)

released by
Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft in Yorkshire, UK
the rain and the sidewalk - soundcloud
Life in a Strange New Room 12/24/2013 FREE DOWNLOAD
5 cleverly done covers of Joy Division, Thee Ah's and Judas Priest
the rain and the sidewalk - soundcloud
It's Time to Go (Selektor remix) 08/2013 FREE DOWNLOAD
a cover from the Stuck EP, remixed by Selektor
download stuck
Stuck 10/2011 FREE DOWNLOAD
an EP of alternate versions, plus covers of Kate Bush and The Organ
Many TRATS mp3s are also available through Soundclick.


28 songs (double CD)

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can now be bought through BANDCAMP bandcamp

Why not take a listen to a few songs from the CD?

That Water Fountain Spoke to Me vocal: Trevor Thompson
In the Dark vocal: S. Hallett
Church Window (I threw a bottle) vocal: S. Hallett
Hollow vocal: Trevor Thompson
You Look Like You've Been Through
vocal: Trevor Thompson, Wayde Compton, S. Hallett

(Limited Edition)
10 trax

This is a CD of remixes from the Inanimate CD. There are only going to be 50 of these made.

at shows or directly from band members
You can download the tracks below:

The Bus Song (edit)
Resurrection (dance mix)
Tonight We Are Standing on the Edge of the World (unintentionally silly mix)
Slow-Motion Chattering
Hallucination (extended)
Malibu(burnt-out mix)
Lifeless (machine mix)
Wake Me When It's Over (artistically irrelevant party mix)
Twisted Sunshine (broken mix)
Resurrection (emotional mix)

16 trax
Years in the making, Trevor tears his innards out to a beat for your listening pleasure. Also features Desert Rose on vocals.

$10 (US$) plus shipping
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can now be bought through BANDCAMP bandcamp

Or you can get it at:
Ciel Rouge (Dijon,France)
Boomtown (Vancouver)
Zulu Records (Vancouver)
Red Cat Records(Vancouver)

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One Cool Word


The winter 2007 issue of
One Cool Word magazine's CD included a new recording of
I Came Across No One On My Journey... featuring Shannon Hallett on vocals
(click to hear via the Demos, Singles and Live player)

It is now SOLD OUT! But You can buy the digital single from SoundClick above.

You can buy other issues from
their Etsy site.
(The CD also contains tracks by The Wintermitts, In Medias res, Greenbelt Collective and more)

Demos, Singles and Live
I Came Across No One On My Journey...
featuring Shannon Hallett on vocals

Live on CiTR
CiTR's site's podcasts of the band's 24h of Thunderbird Radio Hell-a-thon performance (10/02/09); also has Abrahmson Singers in the second half.

In The Dark

This is a very early mix of a song that is on WEAKNESS.

Twisted Sunshine
The first song ever posted to the site (2004 mix)

There's even more crap by The Rain and the Sidewalk for you to listen to at and

All songs copyright 1998-2010, Trevor Thompson. All rights reserved.